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Yumi Zouma Drops Re-Imagined Track with Disco Vibes


New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma has been upping the ante since they announced their re-imagined album Truth Or Consequences(Alternate Versions). With a new single dropping every week until its release, the group is showing off different little touches to each song off of the album. On their latest offering “My Palms Are Your Reference To Hold Your Heart” they take the track into a disco infused bop that you might have a hard time forgetting.

Though the song begins like an almost R&B song, it quickly adds these funky notes to steer closer to ABBA or Bee Gees or even something else out of that era. While the song still has the intimacy of the original, here there’s plenty of head bopping structure to make you want to get your chill groove on. The accompanying video offers plenty of relaxed vibes to pair well with the song that places the pop group into new territory.

The video is viewable above or on YouTube. The song can be heard on all streaming sites. Truth Or Consequences (Alternate Versions) is ready to preorder on various formats and bundles from Polyvinyl Records before it drops on October 28.

Image Credits: Photo by Nick Grennon.



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