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OSees Drop Another Clip From Upcoming Levitation Set


At this point a band like OSees have defied logic within the music industry. By breaking the album cycle and continuously having well selling albums while selling out the bulk of their tour dates, they’re fairly unstoppable in their arc. With a new album Protean Threat coming at the end of this week, their latest clip from their upcoming live-stream with Levitation shows how such a band can still bring their A-game to their sets. In their performance of a new song, they go off and go hard.

The song has all of the crunch and energy you want. With echoed vocals, the delivery of “Dreary Nonsense” here echoes what you heard when the single was released. However the two drum kits have more presence here and offer more pop to the squealing delivery. The end result is masterful and wondrous.

You can watch the video above or on YouTube. Protean Threat is available to preorder from Castleface Records or to preorder in all digital outlets. The OSees live-stream via Levitation Sessions is ready to watch on September 26. Tickets can be purchased here

Image Credits: Photo by Oliver Halfin.



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