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ATTXLA Went From Aspiring Rapper to Inspiring Singer

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What inspires many is to hear from someone who is inspiring. In the music world you can get bogged down where an artist pops off after collaborating with a room full of producers and songwriters. When Houston producer and singer songwriter ATTXLA got on our radar, we found his approach to R&B based pop refreshing and delectable. His debut full length Ebb was so wondrous that we thought he’d been singing for a minute. However after hearing how he went from unknown to celebrated newcomer, we decided to hear his story for ourselves for our podcast Self Released Songs. What we found was a tale as inspiring as it is uplifting.

Growing up in a melting pot as large as Houston, Texas the singer originally wanted to be a rapper. Well, he originally wanted to be a singer but lacked the confidence so he chose to try his hand at rapping. After winning a session at a studio with an engineer, he learned that he was indeed a singer thus jump starting what would be a journey worth taking. While still unsure of his vocal chops, he spent time producing his own music and collaborating with others. After singing to Banks in line for one of her shows, he received her approval and his path was then set into motion.

Of course, that path meant that knowing he could actually sing was just the beginning. To navigate the industry, ATTXLA soon found himself connecting with bloggers, producers and artists within the music industry just to figure out what came next. Before he knew it he was doing collabs with other artists, getting articles written about his work and connecting within like minded artists in his community.

The ability to learn, to ask and to figure out how to build a career takes the humbling approach of reaching out to others. By doing so, ATTXLA went from relative unknown to celebrated artist. With his new EP FLOW l and a renewed live set ready to go, the only factor in holding back ATTXLA from flourishing in the music industry is that next step. As you will notice when you stream the episode is that he seems to have already figured that out.

You can purchase the music of ATTXLA in his web store or in all digital music stores or you can stream his music on all music streaming platforms. His episode of Self Released Songs is available on all podcast streaming platforms or on this website. You can support the podcast by donating at Anchor.fm.

Image Credits: Photo by Andrew Vaughan.

David Garrick

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