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SUUNS Reveal New Music & Upcoming E.P.


Montreal three piece SUUNS have never really rested. As a band that’s consistently exploring new sounds and techniques, they’ve always lead and tread a new path for others to follow. With a new EP titled The FICTION EP announced to drop in late October, their lead single “PRAY” shows off just how determined they are in their quest for sound exploration.

The build up is the key here. While the song slowly ticks up its intensity, the vocals sit between the synth and this reeling underpinned sheen of sound. Almost like a prayer said silently to one’s self, the trio has no issue planting the seed for what they have in store. Tension heavy with stabs of tone coming from all directions, the haunting sound of the song is masterful as elements change and distort throughout. When the track digs it does so deep and leaves a wound you’re sure to remember.

The visualizer is watchable above or on YouTube. The song can be heard wherever you stream music. The FICTION EP is available to preorder directly from Joyful Noise Recordings before its October 30 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Joseph Yarmush.



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