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BREACH Is Fenne Lily at Her Most Tranquil


These are unprecedented times we’re living in. Never did we think the phrase “written in isolation” would be so widely used, nor did we think we’d use the word isolation. Bristol’s Fenne Lily has always made the kind of music that captures a moment while relieving soulful passes within the music itself. On her sophomore album BREACH, she doesn’t change course. Written in isolation, the album has moments of jittery indie rock harbored in a mire of tranquil and intimate moments. The result is a fantastic journey in a time no one thought we’d go through.


The album is filled with intimate and subtle tones. The opening song “To Be A Woman” showcases this well. Mixing a swirl of notes with the vocals mixed in a moderate manner, the wisps of sound create a haunting beauty that gets the overall mood of the album across. While this is followed by the indie rock jangle of “Alapathy” the intimate notations still remain. The driving force of the album is being alone and away from the world, a resonant idea that flows within these tracks. While “Berlin” is a tender memory and “I, Nietzsche” feels like a letter that’s gone undelivered; there’s still plenty of upbeat sounds here.

“Birthday” slips in and offers a soft stride with plenty of builds. “Solipsism” lends itself to the hazy fuzz of nineties Brit pop while still treading its own path. And “Someone Else’s Trees” is intimate without being boring. But of the album’s tracks, the favorite for us came on “I Used To Hate My Body But Now I Just Hate You.” Intertwining intimacy and solitude within a personal journey, the song has a calming nature to it. Between the soft vocals and the catchy pacing, the track mixes much of the album’s feel together into one song that you can’t help but latch on to.

BREACH is available to purchase physically directly from Dead Oceans. It’s also available to stream wherever you stream music or to download in all digital outlets.

Image Credits: Photo by Nicole Loucaides.



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