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OSees Dig Deeper Into Prog Fuzz Fantasy on Protean Threat


For a band like OSees, the release of music isn’t exactly special. Releasing more music than the bulk of their contemporaries, at this point you’d think they’re just making what they find interesting. On their latest album Protean Threat they not only reveal an interesting album, but it takes listeners down a road filled with jazz, progressive rock and garage in a sheen of punk fury.

The opener “Scramble Suit, II” they lay it all on the line. With a punk structure they weave between proggy tones and jazz influence to craft a catchy sound that’s hard to dislike. They keep things on the up and up by digging deeper into this ideal for “Dreary Nonsense.” What makes this all work is that it’s upbeat and entertaining. The sounds are so diverse that you’re forced to wonder what will come out next. They drive the ship more towards jazz on “Upbeat Ritual” while encapsulating it in psych notes. John Dwyer is at his creative best when it feels like it’s all just experimenting in tone, which this album does well.

“Terminal Jape” is an entertaining jaunt down a rabbit hole of fuzz, “Mizmuth” is like a Sun Ra jam that switches between rhythmic ancestral beats and distorted riffs and “If I Had My Way” takes the cake for the band’s past groove oriented sound mingling with their more garage rock leanings. But while the album if full of jams that take your ears on a journey, the favorite here comes with “Red Study.” Sure the funk sounds of “Todstool” and the beat derived notes on “Gong of Catastrophe” were alluring, but “Red Stool” is a journey of all journeys. Flanked with bass and these squealing sounds, the way the drums craft a sound that’s like tripping in the desert and how Dwyer whispers the vocals crafts a sound that helps you lose yourself in the moment.

Protean Threat is available for purchase from Castelface Records. It’s also ready to buy in all digital music stores or to stream on all streaming sites. OSees are scheduled to tour starting November 05 in Bristol, UK at SWX until November 26 at Festaal Kreuzberg in Berlin, DE. Their complete tour schedule is available here. Due to COVID-19, these dates could be subject to change.

Image Credits: Photo by Titouan Masse.



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