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New Kelly Lee Owens Video is a Trip

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On her latest album Inner Song, Kelly Lee Owens offers an intriguing glimpse into her music. Of the tracks included, one of the most engaging is “Corner of My Sky ft. John Cale.” With the album out into the world, Owens has released the video for the song, and it’s definitely an intriguing concept from start to finish.

The song is an intriguing path between electronica and prose. Cale sounds epic here as Owens harmonizes with him in small spaces of the wondrous track. The video features a man puzzled by where his toast disappears to after it is done in the slot. As toasted bread appears everywhere except where you’d expect, Owens finds it in the ost interesting places.

You can watch the video above or on YouTube. Inner Song can be purchased on various formats from Smalltown Supersond. It’s also available in all digital storefronts or it can be streamed on all services.

Image Credits: Photo by Griff Lynch.


1 Comment

  • September 24, 2020 at 4:59 pm
    Phillip Walsh

    Brilliant! Not sure if you’ve missed that ‘the man’ is Michael Sheen. Quite a coup to get him in the video


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