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Deftones Are at Right Place & Right Time on New Album


Four years have passed since the last album by Deftones was released, yet so much has changed in the world outside of the band since. Their sound of distorted alt rock has never really changed, yet the sound itself has taken on a new crop of bands that the youth have grabbed hold of. With their new album OHMS, the band is in the right place at the right time to do what they do with a new crop of ears eagerly waiting.

Opening with the eviscerate notes of “Genesis,’ Deftones sway between those reverb soaked guitars to their traditional distorted pulse quickly and deliberately. The screamed vocals have a sharp tongue as the band digs deep and takes your ears there. They continue this approach on tracks like “Ceremony” and fairly throughout the rest of the release. The driving energy mixed with the pedal soaked notes craft a sound of angst and despair that everyone can connect with right now.

Where the album checks the boxes of distorted reality well, the songs represent some of the best written by the group. The bridge on “Error” as an example perfectly ties the wheezing guitars with the snapping drums. “This Link Is Dead” has new approaches from the group without steering the ship onto the rocks. And the title track “Ohms” delivers all of the band’s dark energy with a one two punch. But even as we were intrigued by the swells of guitar on “Headless” it was the anguish driven sound of “The Spell Of Mathematics” that we adored the most. The tension based track melds what the band does best together. Taking those squeals of distorted tone and the more hushed vocals into a heavier space with ease, Deftones are back and back for the better with this album.

OHMS can be purchased from Warner Records on multiple formats and in varying bundles. It’s also ready to stream wherever you stream music or to download from all digital outlets. Deftones will be on tour beginning May 21 in Porto, Portugal at North Music Festival until September 22 in Portland, Oregon at Theatre of the Clouds at Moda Center. Their complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Frank Maddocks.



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