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Ian Sweet Reveals Intriguing New Single


LA’s Ian Sweet really captured our attention with their last single “Dumb Driver.” Full of bedroom tone and honesty, the song stuck with us more than most in this world where new music is always coming. On their new single “Power,” the singer songwriter takes things to a new space without losing your ears in the process. Mixing distorted tones with soft acoustic and vocals, it’s a sound you have to hear for your own description.

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The song has a tenderness that the vocals and the acoustic guitar mix with ease. When the drums come in they add weighted to an already hefty track. As the vocals dance above the music, keys and synths add to the build of sounds before distorted guitar takes the song to a hole new space. When it all closes back, the soft sound of the acoustic and the vocals return you to a calming space. The mix of the two approaches offers an intriguing sound that’s a gamble that pays off.

The song can be streamed on all streaming platforms or it can be purchased digitally via Polyvinyl Records or in a T-Shirt bundle from Bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo by Lucy Sandler.



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