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New PYNKIE Track Offers Time Away From The Norm


For a minute now we’ve been all about the music of New Jersey’s PYNKIE. Indie rock strewn across multiple genres, her sound is her own while she segues through pop, singer songwriter and rock tones. With her new album 37 due next week, her new single “Vacation” takes us on another musical journey. The video accompanying the song will take you back in time and to a simpler place.

The song has a real bedroom approach but not a bedroom feel. The dual vocals and instrumentation employed offer up a thicker tone. Where previous songs have flown in multiple spaces, here the indie rock tune has touches of pop without steering too far off track. Well written and constructed, the arrangements deliver plenty of sound without being overwhelming.

The video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. The song can be heard on all streaming sites. 37 can be preordered on various formats from House Arrest before it drops on October 16. PYNKIE is scheduled to perform on November 05 for Baby TV. Tickets are available here

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Todaro.



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