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Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy Release New Cover


For a while now Bill Callahan and Bonnie “Prince” Billy have been collaborating on music. In what appears to be their new series of songs, so far it’s all covers. While they covered a Cat Stevens song last time, this time they’re unveiling a cover of a Hank Williams Jr. song, “OD’s in Denver.” Stunning in its dual vocal presentation, not to be outdone the duo is joined by Matt Sweeney to round things out.


Opening with bass lines, the dual vocals between Billy and Callahan make for a nice rendition of the song. The looped effects from Sweeney add to the depth of the song. When the guitar comes in, the hooks keep coming while you’re drawn to the trio’s eclipsed version of the song. It all works while showcasing a new side to the project.

The song can be heard above or on Bandcamp. It’s also available to purchase directly from Drag City Records on their Bandcamp page as well.

Image Credits: Photo by Hanly Banks Callahan.



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