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Slow Pulp Crushes on Moveys


Chicago’s Slow Pulp have come a long way in a short time. From relative newcomers to celebrated indie rock four piece, their sound is a mash up of multiple sounds while also sounding like no one else at the same time. On their new album Moveys they wrap soft tones in an indie rock package and deliver an album that’s above ad beyond what’s out there today.


The album is vibrant and rife with tones. The mix of tenderness and daft softness that swirls within is extraordinary in its presentation. The opener “Slow Horse” delves into these folk based signatures while the vocals blend heavily into the mix. So much so that they become the representation of the song itself. This continues on the following song, yet by “Idaho” things begin to change. The sheer magnitude of the arrangements here is simplicity reexamined. The vocals dance alongside the well paced track while little glimpses of sound pepper throughout.

Even as the album makes its way, the songs become more dense and full of light that plays with your senses. “At It Again” falls into traditional indie rock structure while “Channel 2” digs deeper into that gaze. The secondary vocals through your ears for a loop, yet they work well and delve deeper into the abyss of sounds that the band creates. Of the ten tracks, we found ourselves adoring the bulk of them. The favorite came on “Montana.” Mixing the soft with this catchy stride immediately places the masterful songwriting into your head. The magical blend of tones doesn’t leave while various instrumentation just sways within and begs you to engage further.

Moveys is available to purchase on multiple formats and in various bundles from Winspear Records. It’s also available to purchase in all digital outlets and to stream on all streaming platforms. Slow Pulp is set to appear on tour beginning February 15 in Glasgow, UK at The Hug and Pint until February 26 in Indre By, Denmark at Huset-KBH. Their entire tour schedule is accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by Alec Basse.

David Garrick

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