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Better Person Releases Final Pre-Release Burner


Berlin’s Better Person has a new album coming in a few weeks. While we aren’t one hundred percent sure what Something To Lose will be, it’s certain that it will be intriguing. While mixing pop with electronic themes, his new single “Dotknij Mnie” has a different side showing off how diverse the music is.

The track is softer and closer to a barn burner than what you may be used to. The composition is light yet dense at the same time. While the vocals softly wisp above the music, they also draw your ears in with each note. Coming in like a love song, Better Person thickens the plot here as he shows how deep he can go with his intriguing sound.

The video is ready to view above or on YouTube. Something To Lose is ready to preorder from Arbutus Records ahead of its October 23 release. Better Person will appear in person November 19 in Heidelberg, Germany at Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof.

Image Credits: Photo by Geoff Meugens.



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