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Squirrel Flower Releases New Song & Liz Phair Cover


For a while we’ve championed the music of Squirrel Flower. Blending hypnotic tones with delicate vocals, her sound is as intriguing as it in embracing. While her full length I Was Born Swimming didn’t go unnoticed, the singer songwriter is back with two new songs. On “Explain It To Me” she covers Liz Phair with ease while on “Chicago” she rounds things out in a wondrous manner. While the digital single is a cover that engages, the B-side is just as intriguing and emphatic.

What makes the cover so extraordinary is that she makes it her own. With dual vocals mixed with this thick tone of guitar, there’s a weight in the slower stride of the song. Steering from the original and offering more depth, at times you forget that it’s a cover song which is what makes well done covers so interesting. Like a beacon of light at times, the vocals reach out as if they’re stretching out arms to the sky with no space to stop them.

“Chicago” has its own force and power that flows throughout. Unapologetic in its approach, the vocals ring out underneath the music, offering a sound that’s as assertive as it is energetic. At times this power throws you for a loop, but that just keeps your attention from open to close. The song stands on its own with its weight, while never losing your ears in the process.

Both songs can be heard on all streaming sites or above. You can also purchase both tracks from all digital retailers via Polyvinyl Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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