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Clipping Stays Dark on New Single


Next week Clipping will unleash their new album Visions of Bodies Being Burned. Sticking with their horror core theme, the rap trio has given us plenty to think of when it comes to how dark and intense the new album will be. Now they’ve unveiled their latest single “Pain Everyday” and they’re keeping things heavy.

The rhymes are at the front here, placing the lyrics into your head immediately. The beat and the break beat synths create a darkness that echoes the vocals perfectly. Staying intense, the chorus hits like a machine gun with rhymes being spit with all of the immense power that the trio brings to their music.

The lyric video can be watched above or on YouTube. The song can be heard on all streaming platforms. Visions of Bodies Being Burned is ready to preorder directly from Sub Pop Records ahead of its October 23 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Damien Maloney.



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