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Dehd Divulges Comical New Video


Chicago three piece Dehd has been mixing things up for a while now. While their new album Flower Of Devotion was a turn in sound away from their previous release, it also wasn’t a far stretch from it either. Now ahead of the album release show tonight they’ve released a new video for the song “HaHa” that should stick with you in a good way.

The song has a tenderness to it that flows throughout. The way the song is mixed, it keeps the vocals in place within the music. The video features rival scout troop leaders and the exploits of one troop. While one leader spies on the other, the antics that ensue are hilarious while colorful imagery flows throughout from beginning to end.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed on all streaming sites. Flower Of Devotion is ready to purchase on various formats from Fire Talk Records. Dehd is set to appear tonight via livestream from Lincoln Hall+Schubas Tavern

Image Credits: Photo by Alexa Viscius.



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