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New Tenci Video Shines Through Light & Dark


Earlier this year Chicago’s Tenci released their album My Heart Is An Open Field to acclaim and delight. Going from bedroom folk project to full blown folk band, their sound is as engaging as it is delightful. Now they’ve released a new video for the track “No Wings” that plays with light and dark while the song reminds you of the album’s goodness.

Opening in the sparsely lit sky, the use of almost no light is masterful. Juxtaposed with shots in the light or a diminished form of it cradles the delicate notes of the song. Roaming around a farm, the vocals flow like water in a stream and are highlighted by the warble that’s unmistakable. The joy in the song is shown in the carefree nature of the video, as lightness and darkness play their roles respectively.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. My Heart Is An Open Field is available to purchase physically from Keeled Scales. It’s also available in all digital outlets or it can be streamed on all services.

Image Credits: Still Courtesy of Keeled Scales.



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