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Rituals Of Mine Shares Baltra Remix Track


While HYPE NOSTALGIA from Los Angeles’ Rituals Of Mine was just released, you can’t seem to keep Terra Lopez down for long. Today the R&B electronica artist reveals a new remix by BALTRA of the track “Come Around Me.” What you realize quick is that the remixed track takes the song to a new place, the original form is still present and it hits even harder.

With a more house based beat, the vocals intertwine with the beat here. There’s more swirls of sound and an intriguing remix of how the vocals are represented. Going down rabbit holes that the original didn’t there’s a bit more sparkle here while still keeping the bumping nature of the track intact.

The remix can be heard above or wherever you stream music. HYPE NOSTALGIA is ready to purchase from Carpark Records. It’s also available to stream in all streaming platforms or to purchase digitally from all online music retailers.

Image Credits: Photo by Jeffrey LaTour.



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