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Cavetown Offers New Stand Alone Single


For a while now this magazine has heavily covered the career of UK artist Cavetown. In all honesty we think he’s not only an artist to watch, but one to keep your eyes on for a good while. Reaching a youthful audience that’s at times difficult to reach, his music is like a catchier version of early Elliott Smith in a much more delicate packaging. His new single “Sharpener” continues that thread.

Of the song Cavetown explains, “Sharpener is about unhealthy coping mechanisms, the shame surrounding them, and how sometimes the need for them never truly goes away. But what does change is your self-control, and growing up involves replacing these things with healthier alternatives. Even so, the temptation can feel like a parasite hanging on no matter how hard you try to shake it off.”

The song sheds some of the more folk touches while still staying within the genre. Playing on electric while holding the soft vocals that he’s become known for, the track pulls you in from the jump. The vocals mix well with the full band sound and the track blossoms the more it plays out. The addition of keys helps here, delving deeper into how it’s overall sound is displayed.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream on all streaming sites via Sire Records. Cavetown is set to appear in person August 20 at FM4 Frequency in Sankt Aegidi, Australia and on September 26 at Ohana Festival in Dana Point, Ca.

Image Credits: Photo by Marco Lau.



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