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Skullcrusher Offers New Song and Radiohead Cover


Back in June when Skullcrusher debuted their self-titled EP, in many ways their light folk sound gave way to a deeper and more intuitive sound. While we found the songs on the EP to be filled with swaths of tone and intimacy, the inability to tour the release was felt among those of us who adored what we heard. Never the less, Skullcrusher is back with a new single “Farm” and a cover of the Radiohead song “Lift” proving there’s more layers yet to be discovered.

With “Farm” the endearing tones ring through the piano and acoustic lead track. The tenderness of the vocals coupled with wonderment give way to a sound that feels intimate. Building into a more diverse sound, the additional weight of the song comes through with each note performed. The video plays out like a play performed for children while encapsulating the haze of sounds that the song creates.

On “Lift” the singer songwriter takes the rarity from Radiohead to a new place. Backed by hypnotic synths and an acoustic guitar, the words hit heavier here with plenty of heft. Though the vocals start off in a soft space, they come in mightier than on the original song. With a banjo in the background, the way the vocals get doubled just lift the song higher as you’re drawn in with backing vocals to this earnest rendition of the track.

Both songs can be purchased digitally directly from Secretly Canadian. They can also be streamed above or on all streaming services.

Image Credits: Photo by Silken Weinberg.



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