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Oh Sees Deliver Krautrock Dream on Metamorphosed


Aside from how you prefer pronouncing Oh Sees, the band has grown in massive ways since their inception. For over twenty years the band has altered their set up, their lineup, their name appearance and even their sound. So while it seems appropriate that they’d release an album titled Metamorphosed, it also makes the most sense. On the five song release recorded around the time Face Stabber was made, the long running project teamed by John Dwyer delves into their Krautrock fantasies and comes out the other side smelling clean.


Things get started with the attack and bruising tone of “Saignant.” The arresting tone is heavy and delivers more intensity than you’re ready for, but it works on multiple levels. Where “Electric War” digs deeper into that well, it has a more melodic approach with wild synths and almost an anthemic approach. But while “The Virologist” is a wormhole of synth driven tones and guitar feedback that doesn’t disappoint and “IGotALot” is a twenty-three minute path of its own, the favored track for us is “Weird and Wasted Connection.” Throwing in the proggy sounds, the punk rock ethic and the Krautrock energy, the track steers between phases of sound and never relents between harmonic vocals and a drive that’s immense and always growing.

Metamorphosed is ready for preorder on December 02 from Rock Is Hell Records. It can also be purchased on Bandcamp or in all digital outlets. 

Image Credits: Photo by Connor Lyons.



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