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Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy Offer Up Another Cover Song


With as many songs as they’ve released so far together, these new covers from Bill Callahan and Bonnie “Prince” Billy have become a comfort zone of sorts. On their latest they team up with Matt Kinsey again. The difference here is that they tackle a song by The Other Years, and their interpretation of “Red Tailed Hawk” should stick with you after it plays.


Opening with a bass before the vocals roll in with Callahan at the lead. The gush of guitar tones here is mesmerizing. The mix of instruments is magnificent. However it’s the mix up of vocal styles that wins you over. Almost like a passing thought, the song washes over you and hangs on to your senses. There’s plenty here that comes and leaves just as quick while you’re left with the pleasant memory of it all.

The song is available to purchase digitally through Drag City Records. It can also be streamed on all streaming platforms.

Image Credits: Photos by Mabel Cooper/Hanly Banks Callahan.



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