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Caribou Shares Suddenly Remixes EP


Caribou returned this year with his stellar album Suddenly as if it hadn’t been six years since his last release. The album showed that the electronic act could still surprise us all of these years later. Now to bookmark the year before a run of touring next year, there’s a new release with Suddenly Remixes. The four song EP lets others like India Jordan and Shanti Celeste take over and offer new interpretations of songs that already hit perfectly.


The opener “Ravi (Shanti Celeste Remix)” tickles the house sounds they’ve made well known. With a more immense structure, the song bangs and pops hard. Followed by the first of two remixes of the same track, “Sunny’s Time (Kareem Ali Remix)” turns the track on its head. Mixing more sparkle than the original, it will definitely throw your ears for a loop. While the “Sunny’s Time (Logic 1000 Remix)” adds a piano in a chopped way, the final track “Like I Loved You (India Jordan Remix)” is the real stunner. Elongating the track and adding an ethereal tone, the remix shows the track in a whole new way while keeping its core in tact.

The Suddenly Remixes EP is available to preorder on vinyl from Merge Records ahead of its March 05 release date. It can also be purchased in all digital outlets or streamed wherever you stream music. Caribou will be on tour beginning April 13 at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX until August 06-08 at Off Festival in Katowice, PL. His complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Thomas Neukum.



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