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Smerz Stirs Things Up on New Singles


Norwegian duo Smerz have the innate ability to mix things up without feeling terse. There’s just something mesmerizing about how the two operate that takes you over. With a new release Believer coming soon, their new single “I don’t talk about that much” gets released as a video with another song “Hva hvis.”

The choreographed movements here are stunning. The dance in the video offers a new visual way to interpret what the duo does musically. With “I don’t talk about that much” the music is so different that it takes you a back in a good way. Interspersing techno and house to create a pulsating opening, the vocals come in on a different measure as if they were done in a completely different time signature. The beats and synths create a world that contradicts what the vocals are doing and leaves you with a stunning sound. “Hva hvis” is completely the opposite. Utilizing a wood wind instrument to open the track, multiple synths come in to meet it in an enrapturing way. The video features the instrument being played on a hilltop and keep the simplicity open.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The songs can be streamed on all streaming services. They can also be purchased digitally via XL Recordings.

Image Credits: Image Courtesy of XL Recordings.



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