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Adrianne Lenker Delivers Unadulterated Tone on songs


Keeping your album about the balance between the music and your voice shouldn’t be a difficult task. However so many solo releases nowadays have this overproduced sound that takes away from the artist and their music. Luckily for anyone who hears the new album songs by Adrianne Lenker, that’s not the case. The companion to a second album instrumentals, songs releases such beauty into the world that you shouldn’t have trouble understanding what you hear by any means.


The album opens with the honest and organic sounds of “two reverse.” Offering mainly acoustic guitar and Lenker’s soft voice, the song starts strong and stays that way throughout. The resonate tone between the acoustic, the plucking of the strings and the vocals creates a sound that’s pure and flat out gorgeous. In fact, that’s how the entire album plays out. “anything” utilizes dual vocals between the finger picking that rests on your ears like birds chirping in the air. “heavy focus” takes a meandering run and adds the vocals like a thief in the night that’s ready to steal your heart.

But while the gentle melodies play out in real time as you can hear the movements on the guitar’s neck, the way the album is made without hearty production is just as impressive s the songwriting. On “come” the softness in the playing is only overshadowed by Lenker’s voice. With “zombie girl,” the melodic touches of the track give way to booming vocals that hit harder in how they’re presented than if they were screamed. But of the eleven heartwarming tracks, “forwards reckon rebound” was easily the favorite. Embrking on complexities in terms of arrangements, the fuller sounding track emotes such joy while the playing comes across in this of that moment way that you can’t help but adore.

Songs is available to purchase directly from 4AD Records. It’s also available to purchase in all digital outlets or to stream wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Genesis Baez.

David Garrick

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