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Fat Tony Doesn’t Let Up on New Album


Few artists exemplify creativity within their genres nowadays. Depending on where their music falls, they typically make the album everyone expects. When you find true artistry in today’s music world, it’s a rarity. Houston native and LA transplant Fat Tony has always exceeded true artistry. His music goes well beyond the confines of modern hip hop while still displaying plenty of rap structures. On his third album of this year alone Exotica, he breaks the mold further and delivers a release that will get you moving while expanding what the genre can be.


Opening with the track “What Wake You Up (feat. Bun B.),” Tony wastes no time hitting the mic hard. The mix of the beats and the backing vocals that open the song up show another side to what rap can be. By choosing the unconventional, Tony sets himself apart from the typical. When Bun comes in his flow style is unmistakable and takes the track even further. While “Special Girl” slows things down a bit, the non-traditional style still pops and hits like you want. However keeping things on the more chill side and still elevating his sound occurs with “Gambling Man.” With rhymes coming quick while still staying on the more relaxed side musically, Fat Tony elevates his sound with this different approach.

Where “New Beginnings” opens your ears to the GLDNEYE production and “Intimate” delivers hypnotic synths and a killer beat, the big eye opener comes on the final song “Back In The Saddle.” Utilizing these spaced out synths and this beat cluster that never lets up, Tony spits on another level between varying stabs of notes and sounds. There’s a completely different sound to this song, so much so that it stands out among a whole set of tracks that stand out. Backing vocals, swaying between measures and even sounding more in the moment than you may be used to, the song delivers from beginning to end while giving you more reason to follow whatever Fat Tony has in store from album to album.

Exotica can be purchased from Carpark Records on multiple formats and bundles. It can be streamed wherever you stream music or purchased through all digital outlets. Fat Tony will appear at The Far Out Lounge in Austin, TX on November 06.

Image Credits: Still Courtesy of Carpark Records.

David Garrick

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