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Mike Krol Gears Up For Livestream & Early Records Reissue


Getting ready for Halloween, Mike Krol will be playing his Deadstream concert this Thursday via Noonchorus. While the show will have the entire band in their festive Halloween garb, Krol has also announced the reissue of his first two albums. While few people know of the existence of I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund, they came out respectively in 2011 and 2013 well before his better known 2015 release Turkey.

Packaged together as a three CD release, there’s also a bonus disc that contains rarities and outtakes from both albums, as well as demos and B-sides. Coming in January, the three CDs are packaged in mini-sleeves and come in tri-fold wallets.

The box set for the reissues are available to preorder directly from Merge Records before their release on January 29. It’s also available as a double vinyl release. Mike Krol will perform a livestream on Noonchorus on October 29. Tickets are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Brian Diaz.



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