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October and The Eyes Drop Torrid New Single


New Zealand born and London dwelling artist October and The Eyes is steadily becoming more and more known. After the release of their new single “All My Love” they’re gearing up for the release of their debut EP Dogs and Gods due in November. Now to take that further they’ve released a new single “Playing God” and a video that lays out what to expect from the EP.

The video deals with the subject posing and moving around. As intriguing as that is, the music is where the real sorcery lies. Utilizing gutter drenched guitar tones the way the vocals mix with them and the beat creates a dark and ominous sound. While all of that occurs, the track still hits hard and never deters you from feeling like you could get down at any given moment to the sounds you’re experiencing.

The video can be viewed above. The song is ready to stream on all services. Dogs and Gods can be preordered directly from KRO Records ahead of its November 20 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexander Schipper.



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