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Check Out a New Stand Alone Single by Kevin Morby


Singer songwriter Kevin Morby has the ability to put sound to life. More than a lot of his contemporaries, his critically acclaimed new album Sundowner does just that with ease. Now less than a month old, Morby returns with a new stand alone single “US Mail.” While his new album speaks volumes about his songwriting, his new single and his live performance of it speaks volumes to how he sculpts his music.

The song performed from one of his recent livestreams shows Morby at the keyboard performing the track. The keys and the simplistic beat melt from Morby’s strong vocal style. The song has a real gentle breeze feel while still hitting as hard as intended. The bridge and the chorus both offer up plenty of heft as well while the key based track shows another side to the singer songwriter.

Feel free to watch the live performance above. Pick up Sundowner directly from Dead Oceans on multiple formats. Stream the album on all streaming services.

Image Credits: Photo by Johnny Eastlund.



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