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Amanda Pascali Sings For the Everyman


Modern folk music is filled with singer songwriters who seemingly aim for the look of authenticity. While many achieve that appearance, few live the lives in which they sing about. However with Houston’s Amanda Pascali, her authentic sound is far from just being about appearances. The child of immigrants, Pascali focuses on immigrants, the maligned and the everyman as inspiration for her music. Her mixture of Baroque and old world folk were just a few of the reasons why we had her as a guest on our podcast Self Released Songs.

Much like most children of immigrants, Pascali grew up in a home where her parents were working long hours in pursuit of the American dream. Spending copious amounts of time with her grandmother who speak broken English made the singer songwriter delve into music, poetry and film in an effort to learn English better.

After learning a bit of piano, she learned guitar well enough to start a punk band. After leaving that project behind, she kept the influence and attitude of punk music and turned it towards making music by herself. Her two albums are an extraordinary adventure that speaks volumes to her abilities as a performer and songwriter. Her most recent Still It Moves features non electric instrumentation in which she plays the bulk of throughout the recording. Through travelling through the world and spreading her sound, she’s become a beacon of DIY ethic and a well honed sound.

While the pandemic has kept her from experiencing life enough to write about those who inspire her, she has been performing livestreams. After a cancelled tour through Europe, we hosted her for our Benefit Week livestream event where we were captivated by her fervent energy and tender vocals. As she works on recording a new album for release sometime in 2021, and as she begins to reschedule her tour, Amanda Pascali continues to sing for those who cannot while showcasing her sound through hard work and an almost poetic nature.

You can purchase the music of Amanda Pascali on Bandcamp physically or in all digital outlets. It’s also available to stream on all streaming sites. You can also join her Patreon and help er fund her new album. The interview can be heard in its entirety on all podcast streaming platforms, it can be heard on this website and it Self Released Songs can be supported at Anchor.

Image Credits: Photo by Kat Ambrose.

David Garrick

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