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I Love Your Lifestyle is Incredible Emo Pop From Sweden


If you haven’t realized, we’re big fans of Bandcamp. We love them for what they are and more importantly for what they are not. They’ve become a great source of introduction for us to experience bands we may have not known of without them. One of the latest bands we’ve found there is Sweden’s I Love Your Lifestyle. While this band has been releasing material for seven years, their new album No Driver is a real treat. Mixing emo with pop structures, the release is full of hooks and anthemic sing alongs that work in more ways than one.


The opening track “Stupid” sets the stage for what’s to come. Unapologetic and in your head catchy sounds emit from your speakers and draw you near. The build up of the energy alone here is cathartic and refreshing, the way the drums roll in and begin the hooks is something else. While the melodic nature of the album continues on the slower pace of “No Harm, No Foul” the band still keeps the emo thread going. The big guitar of “Shilly Shally” is hard to ignore while the slow meandering guitars on “Align!” offer the emo core tones that you want from the genre. Almost like a catchier version of how Promis Ring was, there’s so much here to hang on to.

The way the band arranges the vocals, the sing song nature of the tracks and the sheer go for it attitude is so endearing. With the song “Well, That’s Not Ideal” they get things done and gone in under a minute, yet it hits perfectly. On “OK” they almost channel early Weezer without lifting. But as upbeat as much of the album is laid out, the winner for us came on “Making Nothing Out Of Something.” The abrupt opening of the track with varying vocal energy that mixes with the instruments is an intense tone you need to hear. The way the song is constructed maximizes melody while the way it plays out is pure energy at its best.

The album can be purchased in multiple formats and bundles from Dog Knights Productions. It can also be streamed or purchased digitally through Bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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