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The Flaming Lips Announce Bubble Concert & Drop Live Video


While The Flaming Lips continue to break boundaries, their latest idea is just as groundbreaking while also restrained. During these uncertain times with an airborne pathogen floating around, how you can have a concert has been a debate. Now taking cues from their live shows in the past, the iconic group has solved this question-bubbles. Today The Flaming Lips announce the world’s first bubble concert taking place in Georgia in December. A concept they’ve already researched in the video for “Brother Eye” seen below.

What makes the video so intriguing is that everyone is in a bubble. The fact that the entire band can perform the intricate track in bubbles is as interesting as the entire audience watching on in bubbles as well. The one and two person bubbles appear fun while offering a safe space to enjoy the craziness that’s a set by the legendary band.

The video can be viewed above. Tickets for the December 11 concert taking place at The Criterion in Oklahoma City, OK can be purchased tomorrow at 10 a.m. here. The band’s latest album American Head is available for purchase directly from Warner Records.

Image Credits: Photo by George Salisbury.



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