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Noel Wells Reveals Pop Cover of a Bill Withers Track


The world between acting and music has often times crossed paths with little more than fandom for the actor and not for the music they create. However with Noel Wells her sound has always found a way into our hearts. With her debut album It’s So Nice she proved she could deliver heavenly sounds and pop melodies. Now she’s back with a disco pop cover of the Bill Withers classic “Lovely Day.”

The song has a nice build between the beat and the synth pop touches. With a stride that’s a mix of disco and electro-pop, there’s a gaze in how the vocals dance on to the track. The catchy sound is difficult to walk away from while the backing vocals will help lift the song from your speakers to your ears. The rich tones pop and sparkle while you’re ready to dance before the cover ends.

The song can be heard above or on all streaming sites. It can also be purchased in all digital retailers. It’s So Nice can be purchased physically directly from the Noel Wells web store, here.

Image Credits: Photo by Garrett Charboneau.



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