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The Weather Station Announces New Album and Delivers New Song


We’re big fans of delicate melodies and powerful vocals, so of course we’re big fans of The Weather Station. The project lead by Tamara Lindeman is literally the best balance of the two offering wistful tones that wash over you and cleanse your soul. With a new album Ignorance announced for release in February, their new single “Tried To Tell You” should warm your heart the moment it begins.

The mix between the drums, the guitar and the keys offer the perfect landing point for the well versed vocals. Pulling you in like a lover in the night, the song holds these delicate balances between indie rock and singer songwriter gazes. As the energy ticks up so do the hooks as the song holds your attention with each passing note played. The video feels like an exercise in those wanting to feel normalcy in the trying times we live in currently.

The video can be viewed above. The single can be heard wherever you stream music. Ignorance is available for preorder from Fat Possum Records before its February 05 release date. The Weather Station is set to perform a livestream on February 11. Tickets are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jeff Bierk.



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