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Norway’s This Daze Deliver New Single & Announce Debut E.P.


Typically speaking, bands that have been together for about a year are just that, a band that’s been together for a year. However occasionally a band comes along that seems to know what they’re doing and their sound is lightning in a bottle. Introducing Norway’s This Daze. The youthful indie rockers have achieved a lot in a short time and their newly announced debut self titled E.P. is due in December. To mark the occasion they’ve just released a new single and video for their infectious track “Less About You.”

Essentially power pop, the band mixes indie rock structuring with fuzz pop tones. The song opens with vocals in almost a vacuum of sound as the fuzzy notes play underneath. In many ways they evoke the sound of nineties college rock that soon were all signed to major labels. The drums mix well with the pedal heavy guitars while the vocals stand a notch or two higher in the mix, creating a sound that’s hard to ignore. The video of the band performing in the sunshine bodes well for their sunny and hook filled sound.

The video can be viewed above. The song is available to stream on all streaming platforms. The This Daze EP can be preordered directly from Furo Sound ahead of its December 04.

Image Credits: Photo by Samel Rud Dale.



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