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Touche Amore Shares Wild New Video


Bands that can stick around a while and still create good music seems like a feat at times. However few have done what Touche Amore has done. With their latest full length Lament they’ve come full circle while delivering their best album to date. Now they’ve revealed a new video for the song “Lament” and its just as inventive as the song itself.

The three dimensional imagery is a dark ride you enjoy going on. There’s almost something poetic in how the varying elements within the video move within one another. Perfectly paired with the energy, darkness and tension of the music; it’s a fitting way to remind everyone how remarkable the song and the album truly are.

The video can be viewed above. The song and the album are ready to stream on all platforms. Lament can be purchased from Epitaph Records in various bundles and on various formats. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Epitaph Records.



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