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Osees Drop Wild New Single


Osees are definitely a band unafraid to mix things up. Between touring and live-streams, they’ve spent the bulk of this year releasing plenty of music. With their final release of the year Panther Rotate coming in the middle of December, their latest single “Gong Experiment” is an expansive ride into the void.

The song has these progressive jam qualities that take over the bulk of the run time. The experimentation with synths and manipulators falls into the more proggy side of what the band has offered up in recent years. When the jam stops the song morphs into a more garage tinged tone. The synths and keys are still present, yet the vocals and the percussive sounds are outer-worldly in many ways. This spaced out tone from the band works without deterring you from what the song’s intent is.

The song is ready to hear above. Panther Rotate can be preordered from Castleface Records ahead of its December 11 release. Osees are set to perform via live-stream from Big Sur on December 19. Tickets can be purchased here.

Image Credits: Photo by AMD Photo.



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