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Discover the Immersive Indie Rock of Nana Yamato


Indie rock in general has taken on many forms in many languages and in multiple continents over the years. With new configurations coming all of the time, it can be difficult to define what the next incarnation will be that pops off. However when you first hear the music of Tokyo’s Nana Yamato, you should be taken aback by its brilliance and subtle brushstrokes. With her debut album Before Sunrise coming in early February, her lead single “If” offers a glimpse into her intricate sound.

While the song blossoms as it plays out, it also begins strong with a jangled tone. Where the vocals seem quiet yet full of life, the guitars twinkle between the verses offering plenty of depth. The electronics that play out within the track help lift the pace while the vocals dance like butterflies in the sun. The flickered video shot in black and white juxtapose the upbeat scales of the song with a fevered appearance of haze.

The video is ready to watch above. The single can be heard on all streaming sites. Before Sunrise can be preordered directly from Dull Tools ahead of its February 05 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Nana Yamato.



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