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Enjoy the Bedroom Pop Rock of Dog Trainer


NYC duo Dog Trainer are ready to say goodbye to 2020. While the bedroom pop two piece has been around since 2016, they’re saying goodbye to the year by welcoming 2021. With a new album Scrolling to feel better…part one coming in March, their new single “2019” and its accompanying video signal better times before the train wreck that this year has been.

While the video is shot entirely on VHS, it’s the only antiquated tech involved. The song has plenty of pop pacing and sparkling tones. The mix of the guitar and the electronics create a solid pop foundation to play underneath the emotive vocals. Like a mix of emo pop and bedroom pop, the catchy sounds of the song should keep it in your head for days.

The video is ready to watch above. The single can be heard on all streaming platforms. Scrolling to feel better…part one is set for release on March 26.

Image Credits: Photo by Elvira Broman.



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