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The Smashing Pumpkins Release Ambitious & Boring New Double Album


The Smashing Pumpkins have spent a long time together in various forms. From the original lineup to the current, there’s more than enough good music in there to stand the test of time. While the band captured so much on their double album Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, it wasn’t the last hurrah by any means. However with their new double album CYR, the magic seems to be left out completely. While the ambitious project of twenty songs shows there’s still plenty of gas left in the tank, it seems like the band fueled up a car that was already wrecked.

The album is ambitious in a time where double records aren’t as frequent as just releasing two separate albums. The whole album is hampered by two problems that flow throughout. The first is that three songs in you begin to realize that the songs all have a similar tone. They’re pretty much formed from the same constructive materials, and you still have seventeen more to go. There’s almost no differentiation between each track and the fact that each song has similarly employed arrangements and methods doesn’t help distill that either.

The second problem is that the songs aren’t very good. Whether the goal was just to release twenty songs or to prove something by making a more modern sound, Adore Part Two the album certainly isn’t. Of the few tracks that do stand out, they still remind you of one you heard a couple of songs prior. The arrangements are either not thought out enough or just rehashed due to how the songs are represented, leaving you feeling like the whole album is strewn from one idea that wasn’t very inventive from the get go.

CYR is available for purchase on various formats from Sumerian Records. It’s also available to stream on all streaming sites and to purchase in all digital outlets. 

Image Credits: Photo by Olivia Bee.

David Garrick

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