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Belle and Sebastian Release New Video Off Upcoming Live Album


Scottish septet Belle and Sebastian have never really made a bad album. With that being the case, one could argue that seeing the band in person is like a greatest hits delivery system. With a new double live album What to Look for in Summer coming next week, the band definitely cements their place in the indie world as more of a powerhouse. Their latest drop from the album is “The Fox In The Snow,” and it showcases the strengths of the band’s performance in more ways than one.

While the video plays out like that of a late sixties or mid-seventies era television program, the music that plays out is where the focus lies. The live version of the track hits hard here as the vocals and the piano dance together like two lovers before the pub closes. When the backing vocals come in they get met with horns and the track begins to unfurl in a delicate manner. The soft touches here feel like they’d make for a tender moment in the set that shows always seem to call for.

The video is ready to watch above. The song can be streamed on all platforms. What to Look for in Summer is available for preorder directly from Matador Records ahead of its December 11 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Marisa P. Murdoch.

David Garrick

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