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Sarah Mary Chadwick Delivers Heft on New Single


New Zealand born and Melbourne based singer songwriter Sarah Mary Chadwick has no issue delivering emotional weight in her music. Armed with her vocals and a piano, her new single “At Your Leisure” embarks on a journey of anguish and emotion without weighing the listener down. The latest single from her upcoming album Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby, the song is a reminder of her prowess in music.


Just the piano and vocals would be daunting for some artists, yet Chadwick offers more than most acts. The piano isn’t as much of a guide here, as her vocals have such an intense timbre that they feel closer to the guiding light. While the stark tones hit you as they play out, there’s an honesty of organic feel to the song that makes it stay with you well after you hear it. It’s definitely a song everyone needs to experience for themselves. The honesty of it all alone is stunning.

The single can be heard above or on all streaming sites. Me And Ennui Are Friends, Baby is available for preorder directly from Ba Da Bing! Records ahead of its February 05 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Simon Karis.



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