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New Laura Jane Grace Video is Stark and a Little Disturbing


Laura Jane Grace didn’t pull any punches for her latest solo album Stay Alive. The acoustic album had plenty of personal touches amid the gut-wrenching tone of the album. Now she’s revealed a new video for the song “The Swimming Pool Song,” and its imagery might not be what you expect.

The two minute run time offers an anguished tone. Between the hum of the acoustic and Grace’s tortured vocals, there’s a lot to unpack for such a short track. However, the song’s harsher notes aren’t as dark as the new video. Featuring what appears to be a victim covered in blood running from her attacker, the dark theme may take you by surprise.

The video is ready to watch above. The song can be heard wherever you stream music. Stay Alive can be purchased in various formats and bundles directly from Polyvinyl Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Katie Hovland.



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