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Preston Dow of Howard & the Nosebleeds Just Goes with The Flow


Psych rock in many ways seems to follow a pattern. It’s not a bad thing, but it means that a lot of psychedelic rock ends up all having the same approach and the same tonal qualities. Houston’s Howard and the Nosebleeds is vastly different in the world of psych music. Traditional at times while blending blues and classic rock, their sound is their own and alongside an nontraditional way of ding things, their debut album Get Psychic! is a tour de force. It’s for those reasons and more that we spoke to Preston Dow of the band for our podcast Self Released Songs.

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It only makes sense once you get to know Dow that he grew up in West Houston, far from the city and just part of the suburban landscape. Raised by parents that included a guitar playing father who occasionally ripped on drums, Dow started with drawing before digging into guitar. Spending whole years without having friends over so he could just focus on the instrument, all of that practice is evident upon anyone who catches the band in person.

Though Dow spent time in a funk band and in a soul rock band, Howard & the Nosebleeds was formed on a whim and the band’s first show together was also their first time playing together. Though the lineup has altered over time, the intent to Dow’s vision for the band hasn’t. The solos, the trippy aesthetic and the out of left field arrangements of their debut album Get Psychic! show off just a few of the ways the band differs from the herd. Add to that magnificent and raucous live sets, and you have gunpowder in a box.

Even now as the band works on their sophomore album with revered engineer Steve Christensen, the vision of what the songs will be is all in Dow’s head. With a strong work ethic and a vision that refuses to compromise, his strengths as a songwriter and player come through with each boundary th band crosses. While there’s no set date for when the album will be released, it should be notes that as carefree as Dow comes off at shows and in person, it will still be one man’s vision moving forward without accepting anything less than that.

This episode of Self Released Songs is available to stream on this website. It can also be heard wherever you listen to podcasts or you can support it at Anchor. Get Psychic! is available to stream on all platforms or to purchase in all digital outlets including Bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo by Molinar Molina.

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