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ARCA Drops 100 Different Versions of “Riquiqui”


In the last year, it seems like ARCA has been on track to outdo herself again and again. After being nominated for a Grammy award for her latest album KiCk i, you’d think that’d be enough for the Venezuelan producer, but it isn’t Created with Bronze software, these unique versions of one song show what can occur when it’s placed in the right hands.

It’s definitely insane to consider reviewing all 100 versions of the track, but we will say that no two are remotely alike. In fact not only are the run times unique to these 100 versions, but the approach with each is completely different from the original and each other. The producer took a small idea and ran with it as only she can, though just by listening to about ten of the tracks in full, we can at least say that each is quite remarkable and stands out in their own way.

Riquiqui; Bronze-Instances (1-100) is available to stream on all streaming services. KiCk i is available to stream or purchase as well. It can also be obtained in physical formats directly through XL Recordings

Image Credits: Photo by Bruno Staub.



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