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John Dwyer Project Witch Egg Gets Expansive on New Single


Witch Egg, the band made up of John Dwyer of Osees alongside several members of the band is soldiering on ahead of their debut album coming out. While the music is improvised, the sounds the group makes together are extraordinary. Withe the debut coming in January, their new single “City Maggot” expands on what they dropped last month.

The jazz influences here are strong. Much more experimental than the previous single, the brass and the modulations make for an intriguing path. When the drums and the bass come in there’s a funky vibe to the sound while the synths take on a deeper tone. The expanse in sound is mesmerizing in its simplicity while never going too far off the rails. Even with the progressive touches, the song has its own groove that works again and again.

The song can be heard above or on Bandcamp. Witch Egg is available for preorder directly from the Castleface Records Bandcamp page or on vinyl from Rock Is Hell Records ahead of its January 21 release.

Image Credits: Photo by JPD.



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