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black midi Dropped Two Christmas Covers For Charity


London four piece black midi quickly took on our ears when we first heard them. With a sound that’s math heavy and almost experimental at times, traditional isn’t a word to really describe what they do. However as diverse as their sound truly is, the band recently dropped a two song Christmas covers release for charity. bm xmas covers has the band raising money for Windmill Brixton in London. And as hard as it may be to hear, the cover songs are fairly traditional in their representation.


The band’s cover of “Jingle Bell Rock” hs their flair though it sticks to the sounds of the original. Minus a bit of a different vocal, the song sounds familiar to how it was originally released. For their cover of “What Christmas Means To Me” the band mixes things up a bit. While it stays true to the original, it also has more of the band’s sheen on it. With off-kilter tones and stabs of sound, the cover evolves as a more diverse sound. It opens you up to what the band can do while reminding you of how you first heard the song.

The release is available for purchase or streaming through the Windmill Brixton Bandcamp. You can also donate directly to the venue here.

Image Credits: Photo by Anthrox Studio.

David Garrick

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