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Parallel From Four Tet is Ambient House Sorcery


London producer Four Tet has always wowed us with his inventive approaches to music. Over the course of time as his releases have become larger footprints within his catalog, his work has become more diverse while still retaining his house sound. On his new album Parallel, one of two surprise releases he takes on ambient tones and house music and takes both further than before.


Beyond the expansive and almost twenty-seven minute opening track “Parallel 1,” the producer continously mixes things up on this release. While the opener is ambient bliss, the following track “Parallel 2” mixes that notation with epic builds and a soundscape that offers more of a house meets break beat tone. That idea continues throughout as the producer intermingles different sub genres together. Where “Parallel 5” is short but sweet, “Parallel 6” feels like a highly orchestrated arrangement of varying ideas rolled into one. Of the ten tracks, we found “Parallel 8” to be the most intriguing. As these astral tones start things off, stabs of keys hop in before the beat drops and things get moving. Offering a more refined element to the producer’s sound, the song blossoms as it moves along without any compromise or loss of steam.

Parallel is available in all digital outlets for purchase, including through Bandcamp. The album is also available to stream on all streaming platforms.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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