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Run the Jewels Deliver New Stop Motion Video


Run the Jewels is the type of duo that defines modern hip hop. Alongside sick rhymes and killer beats,  their latest offering RTJ4 was one of our favorite albums of the year. Now the group has taken another step forward with the stop motion animated video for their iconic track “Walking In The Snow.” With their own action figures and everything, the video is another episode in the duo’s hip hop takeover.

The video opens with the duo displayed as action figures still in the box. When they break out they make their way through a city where everyone disperses at their presence. As they watch in horror as towns people are rounded up by those in armor, more chaos ensues. By heading underground with the resistance the duo takes on the lead villain to return things back to happier times.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song is ready to stream as well. RTJ4 is available directly from the group via their website in bundles and various formats. It can also be purchased in all digital music stores or streamed on all services.

Image Credits: Photo by Dan Medhurst.



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