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Take One More Osees Title Into the New Year


In a year when no one could tour, few bands were as prolific as Osees. Aside from the multiple releases the band put out, or the side projects that John Dwyer embarked upon, the band also held an impressive amount of live-stream events. While the band’s E.P. Weirdo Hairdo isn’t 100 percent new as it was offered as a vinyl only release, now you can hear it in its digital form. With two new songs that expand on the band’s sound, the cover of the Alice Cooper favorite “Don’t Blow Your Mind” rounds the three song release out nicely.


“Weirdo Hairdo” is an over twenty minute track that steers across prog and psych tones. The expanse in sound manipulation alone makes the song noteworthy. As if the band is taking steps to get more and more away from where they began and more into a whole new experimentation in sound, the song is wild to say the least. The same could be said for the thirteen minute cover of “Don’t Blow Your Mind.” Taking the track into a new territory, the chaos at the opening of the song bleeds into a hyper fuzzed out guitar that lends itself to the garage rock sounds the band is known for. The final track “Tear Ducks” is a slower and more progressive sound that slowly rolls into stabs of ambiance. The synths and keys work well within what the band is known for while offering a new direction for a band that always seems to be on the hunt for new sounds to add.

The EP is available to stream or purchase directly from Bandcamp. Osees are scheduled to return to the road on May 08 in Birmingham, UK at The Crossing until November 11 at Le Guess Who? in Utrecht, Netherlands. Their tour schedule can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends.



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